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10/04/2018 9:40 pm  
  1. First rule…….Have fun and enjoy.
  2. Cowboys fan…..required.
  3. No full nudity or obvious " see thru" pictures ....everything else should probably stay in one specific thread.
  4. No major profanity. No name calling . 
  5. No baiting, picking fights for the fun of it. No trolling !
  6. No posting or sharing of anyone else's personal info. (Read the Privacy Section)
  7. No chasing female posters away. . And they're not here for you to try to get laid...unless of course they are here to try to get laid.
  8. No racist or sexually insensitive discussions or comments.
  9. No promoting of groups or organizations other than Cowboys Football. Includes religious and political conversations  
  10. No other nfl team logos or avatars aloud 
  11. No Cut, Copy, and Pasting of entire articles from other websites without consent.
  12. Do not attempt to circumvent the site in any form. This will not be tolerated. DO NOT use false or fake ( burner email accounts) to register as a member . YOUR account  WILL be deleted . 
  13. Do not quote posts more than five deep. This clutters the threads . If this happens , posts will be deleted at first and then warnings / suspensions will be issued . 

Just because you can do something, doesn't always mean that you should.

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